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    Ethmar Group Of Companies
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Malik Qadeer Hussain


The current economic time is challenging for our industry. I want to play an important role in the economy of my country and my vision is to end the unemployment from the world and my country by providing jobs to the young generation. As a Chairman of the group, I firmly believe that if we can achieve a place in the hearts & minds of our customers, by providing innovative solution for integrated communities that suits everyone's need and fulfill all dreams. In this way the possibilities for the growth of EGC will be unlimited, no matter how challenging the business environment in the world is.


The vision to create EGC goes to Malik Qadeer Hussain who's started his precious dream of Multi business in 2008 from Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since Our founding we have believed that quality of work is our priority for the core satisfaction of client. As the vision of Chairman to reduce unemployment and deliver superior services EGC unwrap its field category like Trading, General Construction in Government and Private sector in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since started of EGC the PPMDC and GACA awarded Airport Services Project in 2008 for two years at King Abdul Aziz International Airport (Hajj Terminal) Jeddah. EGC deliver the project successfully with his good Management team of 700 employees for 24 hours services, In Appreciation the PPMDC & GACA awarded the same Airport Services Project to EICC up to 2025. In continuation of the business success 2013, EGC proud to start new era's to cover Various business sector like Trading, General Construction, Business Planning, Tours & Travel and Import Export in KSA, Pakistan, UAE, UK and USA.