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Malik Qadeer Hussain Chairman of EthmarGroup of Companies had joined Ethmar International Company in 2010 as a project manager in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. After 2 years he was promoted to projects manager. He spent 2 years on the post successfully, and completed the projects of the company which were given to him in that span of time and became a CEO of the company. By considering his vision, hardworking and honesty, the BOD of the company had decided to promote him and announced him as an Executive Manager of the company and for appreciation and offered 25% of the shares in his company. With the passage of time by his intellectual abilities, competitive spirit and leadership qualities he started a new company with a help of his partners in Saudi Arabia which works in different fields of business and carried it to the group level. The company was finalized with the name of Ethmar International Construction Company in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

The company maintains the following record of projects with sub companies and other joint venture partnership being done.

The company has started its first project as a joint venture partnership with PPMDC (Projects Management and Development Company) at Jeddah King Abdul Aziz international Airport KSA in 2013 which was related to maintenance services.

EICC has also worked with government sector GACA General Authority of Civil Aviation of kSA for maintenance service project.

EICC have been serving porter services at Jeddah airport since last 08 years and still it is in contract till year 2026.

EICC has been doing maintenance work for Dr. Salman Fakki Hospital at Falisteen Road Jeddah from 2010 and the work is continuing.

Beside this EICC also arrange to construct camp houses for different companies in Jeddah on order basis.

EICC also involves to demolishing old buildings, markets, houses in Jedddah and Makkah cities.

EICC is also involes to supply material to Soudii Amraco from 2012 to 2015. It involved in provision of HV cables, steel plates and construction tools.

EICC is working with Bin Laddin Group related to Airport maintinace services and also Haj Terminal as a subcontracter from 2010 till now.

EICC have 2 major sub companies on 25% partnership which are.

ETCON construction company

BADER construction company